Who would not want a walk-in shower in his house? Trend of recent years, the walk-in shower can be installed in any bathroom, whatever its size. Functional and practical, Discover its other assets!

The advantages of in shower

A shower of various shapes

With its standard size, this style of shower can fit any bathroom layout. Triangular, round or square, it easily finds its place in a room corner or curved bathroom. Its primary advantage is that it saves a bit more space in a small bathroom because it has no curtain or wall. It is for this reason that walk-in showers useful for those who have a small space.

A shower suitable for everyone

Given that there is no difference in height between the floor and the shower, this walk-in shower is very adapting to virtually everyone, including the elderly or the disabled. With access to the same level, walk-in shower can be accessed safely without any worries.
Indeed, the use of special equipment shower is no longer necessary to make easy their daily shower. The walk-in shower is also suitable for children because of the easy accessibility. However, they need some assistance in making the first showers to avoid incidents.

A walk-in shower that blends with all decor styles

With walk-in shower, all follies are allowed. This type of shower fits perfectly into any decor, rustic, contemporary, modern or otherwise. The style of the room will depend mainly on the choice of materials, including tile, marble, brick or glass pebbles.

In addition, walk-in shower is available in different aspects: smooth, matte, glossy or embossed. To focus attention on the shower, you can also dress up the wall or floor tile. You can easily bring your shower or bath to create a dream space, quiet and relaxation.

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