Oak furniture become most popular, and people like oak cabinet to beautify their kitchen and not wonder if becoming a preferred choice for homeowners. Oak furniture is known for its high tenacity, powerful, quality, flexible and affordable.
It's really hard to find a color that is used to bring the limited palette of choice.

How Can You Choose Kitchen Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets?

1. Sometimes, the floor and the counter has a bored look, refresh and renew these elements with oak cabinets could produce a new key, but must make a great selection.
If you are facing budgetary constraints and cannot change the elements of sight in the kitchen, you should take what is seen as a source of inspiration in the room.
You can use the same color scheme in kitchen paint colors with the other party is a good option, especially if you have the same soil type, oak cabinets will be great solution for your kitchen.

Use Bright Colors Of the Wall of Oak Cabinets 

2. Use bright colors on the walls of the kitchen becomes an excellent choice, oak cabinets have also the light colors. Until the focal point, you can use medium green or red mud oak cabinets.
But there is nothing wrong with using neutral oak cabinet like ivory, almond and peach. Avoid bright blues and reds for color are not well integrated with oak cabinets.

Use Suitable Copper Or Silver With Oak Cabinets To Add Beauty Kitchen

3. There are two appropriate materials with oak cabinets and you can choose copper or silver to embellish or create a backs-plash.

4. In general, oak cabinets have colors associated. If you do not want to change the basics of cooking, because of the budget, another option is to replace the color of the box. To give a new look, choose a cream color.
Looking for kitchen paint colors can combine perfectly with oak cabinets requires precision and consideration. You can change the color or kitchen items, otherwise the original color of oak cabinets can be changed with kitchen colors scheme.

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Bright Your Bedroom Using Led Strips Light  

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and probably the most personal space in your own property. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your room is a place you feel comfortable and an area of ​​your home where you feel good inside.

How Can I Receive A Beautiful Make-Over Bedroom With The Simple Installation Of LED Strips Light ?

If you looking for more bedroom ideas; Well i think that these advertisement bellow will be helpful for your search.

If you like different colors, and by using a remote control you can switch between different LED strips, you have the advantage of being always follow the latest preferences and feelings.
In addition, the wide range of colors allows you to choose colors that will brighten your mood.

As demonstrated by several scientific studies. It may be cold outside, but the benefits of LED strips is it will never let you feel be cold inside your bedroom!
You will feel exciting inside your bedroom with your hot Led strips!

Here bellows find the most beautiful Bedroom decorating ideas using benefits of led light strips

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Led Kitchen Lighting Decoration Ideas

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home, since in the kitchen you can cook; serve a special dish to your family, whether it is for daily consumption or in a special event.
To get a brilliant idea about something that you want to cook, you need to be supported with a stunning environment and situation in your own kitchen.

In the past, the kitchen is usually supported with stove, refrigerator, and sink; but nowadays you can add something new and attractive to Bright your kitchen look. 
One of the most ways to make your kitchen looks more beautiful is by using light decorating.
Kitchen lighting is very important since without the light you cannot see what are you cooking and your foodstuff clearly, and putting much light in your kitchen can be boring, kitchen will be so embarrassing.

So How Can I Get Exotic And Amazing  Look For Kitchen Design?

Do you want to get a beautiful look and also get a clear light in your kitchen? Try to decorate your kitchen with LED kitchen lighting. With the use of LED lights in your kitchen, you will get an exotic and amazing decorative look
Here Bellow an Example for RGB Color Changing Kit With Flexible Strip, you can buy it from Amazon with 5 years warranty. You can also visit our store for more products and ideas.
LEDwholesalers 16.4ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip, Controller with 44-button Remote and Power Supply, 2034RGB+3315+3215

Decorating Tips For Kitchen:

For the decoration, you can consult to your home designer or you can discuss it with your family about how to decorate your kitchen with LED lighting.
Usually, people use the LED light strips to give a quite bright and clear light to the part that usually unclear and dark. For example, you can design your new kitchen look by adding some LED  strip light under the cabinet to give a beautiful shadow but quite bright to help you see your stuffs clearly.

More Ideas For Your Kitchen Decorating 

for the other part of your kitchen you can add the LED lights is above the dining table.
Also you can add three or four LED light strip under your dining table, of course it should be adjusted to the size of your dining table, to give a romantic and beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen. You can also put the LED  lights in your ceiling instead of using the ordinary light to give the more special effect of your kitchen. Trust me you can apply such LED  itchen lighting idea and the look of you kitchen will completely change, it will be the most attractive in order to inspire you and make you more creative and innovative.

Here are above some picture of LED  kitchen lighting that can help you to choose your new LED light for kitchen design.

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Enlighten your Home Using LED Lights Strips

In this photo of a brightly lit kitchen LED strip lights - also known as strip lights, LED strip lights and LED rope.
Were used to malnutrition and lighting to illuminate cabinets and counters and fitted toe kicks.

brightly lit kitchen LED strip lights
 brightly lit kitchen LED strip lights

Do you like the look? You can create your own with the LED strip. These small thin strips of LED lights come with an adhesive backing to install peel and stick.

This type of LED lighting is not only easy to install, it's extremely efficient and versatile.
LED strips are especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms, where extra lighting is needed in many areas.

Depending on the brand you buy, LED strip are often available in different color bands and usually there are options for the color of the light itself, ranging from warm white to cold or even white or RGB LED strip color changing.

Many interior designers and DIY homeowners are discovering the versatility and usefulness of the LED strip. They are a great option if you want to create accent lighting that adds drama to a room by creating visual interest using brightly  LED strip Lights.
As part of an interior design program, accent lighting is used to draw attention to specific areas or objects such as plants, paintings and other valuables.

When you are on the shelves, below or above cabinets and inside coves, LED strip disappears, leaving floodlit selected areas to help the task or highlight architectural features elements.

counters and vanities and mirrors in the bathroom
strip lights are tucked under the bathroom vanity mirror to illuminate the countertop 

Another type use of LED strip lights is under cabinet lighting, as it illuminating the kitchen as well as counters and vanities and mirrors in the bathroom. In a bathroom, the LED strip can be hidden behind the mirrors, under cabinets, on a tray ceiling and under the kick to leave selected areas with lots of light and highlight architectural details.

LED strip lights are adjustable, so that is an alternative energy efficient and save money. Graduation is a great item to add to your lighting design as it creates different light levels, which increases the profound and dramatic impact to your space.

More benefits of LED strip is it can transform residential areas "blah" to "ahhh". Because they make a big impact on how the space looks like.

It's important to invest in LED lights strip good quality. When it comes to lighting, quality is the key. In addition, long-term, high quality LED Strip pays for them in terms of saving performance, durability, longevity and energy.
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Make your small bathroom a real little den

Many people often ask this question

How Can I Change The Look Of My Small Bathroom? 

As we know, not every one own a big bathroom, but it didn't prevented to make a small bathroom look beautiful and more big, Many people often ask the  how to question; for me as a owner of a small bathroom  i have some answers really simple.

By default, the bathrooms are the places where people relax. And for further relaxation, we suggest to change the mood of your bathroom
So place a stool near the tub to make tea and magazines, add fluffy towels, scented candles, a little Chopin air and relax.

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    Modern Bright Bathroom Mirrors, Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

    How Lighting Effect On Bathroom Style?

    What Is Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors?

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    Only Intriguing Interiors by Vic Nguyen

    Vic Nguyen creates interior designer filled with layers and layers of texture, eclectic elements and design styles opposite results in spaces that are very livable, cozy and always unique. Here are a sample interior designs of the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and multipurpose spaces.

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      Modern bedroom design by Koj

      Based in Vietnam Nguyen Duy Khanh interior knows how to create a cozy contemporary style room. As you can see from the pictures of their work he spares no effort in the design of relaxation with a great texture, structure and light. Certainly we could be calm in any of these luxury rooms. and you?

      ... chargement d'un diaporama en cours ...

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