For someone new to the LED lighting, the initial outlay may seem expensive bulbs. Generally costs more than 15$  for a replacement 50-watt halogen spotlight bulb , the initial purchase seems expensive , especially compared to traditional bulbs , which can now be bought for about 1.5$ per bulb. However, given the enormous energy savings announced by the LED light replacement, combined with a much longer life, perhaps we should consider more than the initial investment by investing in new bulbs in our homes.

LED bulbs can simply pay for themselves in a year!

Some important things to consider when replacing bulbs points are how long they will last and if you buy a product of energy saving, the amount actually saves money?
If you understand closing saving benefits of LED or money, but doubt that the initial cost , you might be tempted to buy a cheaper bulb one of the many online stores " pop-up" that seem to draw in the time , or an eBay seller .
These may seem at first sight , not expensive, but it is often a good reason ... Cheap bulbs are often built from cheaper components and while the seller can say that will last 50,000 hours, what assurance do you have that they will?
That's not to mention safety or knowing where the bulb has been made and what quality assurances you have!
For many people, with a little research, it is clear that there is a good reason why all the major brokers seem to sell Gu10 led, LED lighting products more expensive! 
In addition, with the first seller or manufacturer, LED offer long life claims, will often backed with a long warranty.
Finally, I hope that this information will increase your knowledge about led Strips, and the features that you will have to choose Led lighting.

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