What if you put green roofs? This pattern of ecological and aesthetic benefits is spreading over the world. They focus on the concept of ecological roof.

Ecological roof or green roof: the plants are placed on rooftops

Why green roofs?

Environmental protection, energy saving ... Here are many ecological ideas that might be associated with the concept of ecological roof. In effect, these hanging gardens have many advantages, both in terms of aesthetics and ecologically. A green roof provides insulation against heat and cold. Therefore, contributes to the reduction of energy consumption. It also isolates noise. This type of roof also absorbs rainwater and reduces runoff on the walls. Ally of biodiversity, which helps store carbon, thus purifying the air of cities and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Conditions and principles of the installation of a green roof

To install a green roof must have steel, wood or concrete strong enough to support the weight of the vegetation. The best thing is the design of its roof in the building of your home. For design, proceed in four steps:
The stack of four layers of waterproofing, drainage, filtration and vegetation. Exposure to any phenomenon of nature, the wind, the sun, the rain, the temperature is a parameter to consider. This type of ecological roof thus prolongs the life of a building, since plants act as a shield.

Types of green roofs

There are two types of cover: the so-called "intensive" and one called «extensive" roof. On one hand, the intensive green roof, a thickness of 20-30 cm, is made for heavy duty structures and costs less than 5 °. The vegetation consists of a wide variety of plants and shrubs. This cover is perfect for rainy environments. For regular maintenance and water intensive. Moreover, the most common large green roof is made of layers of soil 15 cm and perennial foam surface as sedum or roots. This roof is suitable for all climates. Note that by keeping your deck, you have two annual inspections to check water drains and weeding.

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  • Pollute less with a Green house.
It is a fact, the air we breathe at home is also polluted than outside. But it is in the house we spent most of our time, especially in poorly ventilated rooms and always closed. Just for this reason, be careful when you buy your furniture. More models chipboard version harmful substances more or less for several days or weeks after being unpacked.
Also, when you choose your accessories and decorative objects, giving priority to those who claim to protect and respect the environment.
  • Use green paper to the walls for greenhouse.

Below wallpapers emit a lot of pollutants in the air we breathe and you are forced to fight for many years. To avoid this, select models lack of vinyl chloride and chlorine unpurified designs printed with natural inks, water-based and solvent-free. Opt for example, the paper pattern of spring flowers of lilies in Sandberg. Other stores, such as Graham & Brown or Farrow & Ball , also offer ecological roles all beautiful .
  • Wear organic fibers camera for greenhouse

Good to know that the traditional cotton growing greenhouse insecticide and pesticides considerable rate.

Green house in a green spirit, rely on organic cotton whose culture does not use pollutants. In the absence of organic cotton, choose fabrics free of chemical residues. For bedding (sheets, pillowcases and cushions) committed organic fabrics, cotton percale as those found in the example Cotton. You will sleep more deeply into a beautiful bed.

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Neutral Bathroom Ideas with Lavish Design
Neutral bathroom ideas do not have to look simple, boring and austere. You can make it look elegant and luxurious with the best home decorating ideas. You are mistaken if you think that the bathroom has always neutral uncomfortable environment.
Neutral bathroom ideas 

You can make up with beautiful decorative accessories and furniture pieces. Material Low price with shining eyes as wall sinks, beautiful tile and glass mosaics can add glamorous look in the Neutral bathrooms. Even if the base color of the wall, floor and ceiling is neutral accents like beige, beige, white and cream, you can have bright colors lime green, blue, red and black to create a nice atmosphere.

You can make the bathroom spacious with good decor. Pick a practical matter never force you to buy many items. Neutral bathrooms bathroom ideas are applied to the wine. Many people do not consider him a bulky object. You can buy a custom storage space that can be set in the corner space. You may have created from simple wood or steel.

The storage elements can be fitted with glass and gold accent, if you want to bounce the light from the bathroom sumptuous and rich. Avoid the black color as the main color in the bathroom, because it can cause tightness. You can use color adjustment as fraction of full color plans.

The wall and floor appear to participate if you can represent the artistic work of mosaic art.The model can be adapted to the living subject.

If you have a private tropical bathroom, you can make the mosaic floor decorated with a fresco of fish and other marine animals. A tribal pattern in neutral bathroom ideas bathroom wall can deliver the ethnic sense.

To Look this Beautiful Neutral Bathroom Design picture in full size, just right click on the pictures and select download. You can download Beautiful Neutral Bathroom Design Free only at  Best Decorating Ideas . I hope Latest House Design can provide ideas to make your house more elegant and modern as you wish during this, or if you Need related information or images from Beautiful Neutral Bathroom Design, can be found in the image, at the Gallery at the bottom of this article .thank you for support, and also your visit, please send an email via the contact us page if you have questions.

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Who would not want a walk-in shower in his house? Trend of recent years, the walk-in shower can be installed in any bathroom, whatever its size. Functional and practical, Discover its other assets!

The advantages of in shower

A shower of various shapes

With its standard size, this style of shower can fit any bathroom layout. Triangular, round or square, it easily finds its place in a room corner or curved bathroom. Its primary advantage is that it saves a bit more space in a small bathroom because it has no curtain or wall. It is for this reason that walk-in showers useful for those who have a small space.

A shower suitable for everyone

Given that there is no difference in height between the floor and the shower, this walk-in shower is very adapting to virtually everyone, including the elderly or the disabled. With access to the same level, walk-in shower can be accessed safely without any worries.
Indeed, the use of special equipment shower is no longer necessary to make easy their daily shower. The walk-in shower is also suitable for children because of the easy accessibility. However, they need some assistance in making the first showers to avoid incidents.

A walk-in shower that blends with all decor styles

With walk-in shower, all follies are allowed. This type of shower fits perfectly into any decor, rustic, contemporary, modern or otherwise. The style of the room will depend mainly on the choice of materials, including tile, marble, brick or glass pebbles.

In addition, walk-in shower is available in different aspects: smooth, matte, glossy or embossed. To focus attention on the shower, you can also dress up the wall or floor tile. You can easily bring your shower or bath to create a dream space, quiet and relaxation.
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Tips for choosing the heating system for your bath

Traditional towel rail or radiator?
Today, the towel is increasingly popular. And because, in addition to ensuring their main function is to absorb moisture from the towel after a hot shower for optimal comfort when dry, these ingenious devices are effective to heat the room. Aesthetically, they are ultra -thin and discreet, allowing them to blend in with any decor. However, they are not ready to replace conventional radiators continue to attract, especially in the presence of a large bathroom.
  • Different types of heating system

Whether you opt for a hot towel radiator or traditional, you can choose from three heating systems: electricity, water (middle) and mixed. The electric heating system is most suitable for completely autonomous. However, it leads to increased energy expenditure. Water heating, in turn, is connected to the central heating system of the house. Therefore operates only when the latter is launched. We highly recommend opting for mixed heating system is the ideal alternative between the two systems.
Connected central heating system, it can also be powered by an electrical resistance. Its high price, however, remains a problem.
  • Tips to make your choice

The choice of heating system for bathroom depends largely on the size of the room. In the presence of a small bathroom a moderately potent towel can do much of the trick. For more information, will be held power from the device and the size of the bathroom, knowing that every square meter requires about 100 watts to well heated.

You must also add energy to ensure 30% moisture absorption after wet towels. Additionally, you can choose your heating system depending on the device configuration. Indeed, a wide range of shapes and colors.
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Due to the high levels of energy efficiency and investment performance, underfloor heating or UFH is becoming the first choice for builders and remodelers throughout the world. 
Perfect for a room cost, and well received by winter cold bath, here are our five tips for UFH

1. Check your plant - is important to know if the UFH system you choose is compatible with your existing floor. There are many different types of underfloor heating  systems available, either on the floor or ground coverage, so check with your dealer or manufacturer for what underfloor heating will work best in your area. Be sure to check what type of insulation you need too.

2. How can you come up to temperature? - It is important to get the calculator right now, and check your heat loss figures and how important it is to tailor your design to be as efficient as possible. If you must make changes or adjustments, it is best to do so as soon as possible.

3. Guarantees - Make sure to return to the guarantees provided by the supplier. Research on the design and performance of the underfloor heating system you want to use when working with damp, check the seal components, such as hoses and seals underfloor heating .

4. What kind of pipe? - In the case of a wet environment floor heating system, pipes, many contain an «oxygen diffusion barrier «top of oxygen in the system causes the oxidation of the heat source. Make sure your behavior is also very flexible as it will be easier to throw in the loops and handle during underfloor heating  installation.

5. Who is your supplier? – Is the brand of pipe or your supplier recognized as a member of a well-known trade trading body? Accreditation indicates a good quality underfloor heating system, so look for companies related to the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association.
Their stamp could be the difference between saving money or wasting money.

If your new to underfloor heating systems, be sure to do your research before you get started

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The roof gardens are a growing trend at a time when environmental protection is the main concern of the world. These green roofs are becoming more popular. But what are its benefits and how to install it?

Roof Garden: Advantages and installation

The benefits of vegetation on the roof
Green roofs or roof gardens are a lot of advantages. From a financial standpoint, roof gardens are a boon for homeowners, since the installation reduces taxes. Then, in terms of energy saving, this concept offers the possibility of reducing the energy consumption required for cooling or heating a house.
Landscaping ideas this results in lower emissions of greenhouse gases. Comfort, perfectly green roofs retain rainwater and purify the air.

Also protect the roof membrane from UV and temperature variations, which increases their lives. Then the roof gardens are particularly resistant to fire and roof garden can become good acoustic insulation. In winter, green roofs reduce energy consumption for heating and summer brings a breath of fresh air through evaporate transpiration. Finally, the installation makes it easy to increase the market value of a house, but it is also easier to obtain certain permits for construction.
Steep to install roof garden:

Install a roof garden

The roof garden is mainly an extension of the entire roof system. Usually consist of a membrane, a drainage layer, a culture medium, a filter  and plants. The first element contains so-called root -resistant agents and ensure tightness. The second element allows the flow of rainwater and contains more easily in some cases, water tanks integrated. These covers were designed to support a wide variety of plants able to live with the seasons. Structural steel, wood or concrete, can be all installation a garden on the roof. Green roofs also have the ability to install on roofs with inclination equal to 40 %. You can install regardless of where you live, whether in a landscaping commercial or residential industrial area.
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Simple Fireplace with modern design
Modern Fireplace Design can bring sophisticated touch to the house. When choosing the right home, consider the style of your home. Some people tend to choose modern Fireplace, while others opt for traditional or classic Fireplace.
Simple Fireplace with modern design

The modern style is very popular because it has a high-quality technology. This is the trend that people like to gather in the house. A chimney is usually located inside the living room.
It is sometimes used as a focal point. The design should be unique and portable interest in the area.

The modern fireplace is safer compared to the old traditional fireplace. You can use natural gas or gel newspapers all warm and comfortable space. It is not necessary that you clean the fireplace after performing. Fireplace modern is elegant in design style, modern and elegant. You can see details on the surface and edge. You will never find a complex and modern decorated by the effect avoids busy at home. No need to decorate with many devices and accessories.
You can make it look easy with a minimalist design and a clean surface.

People living in a small house, condominium, apartment room a modern fireplace can be used as it can be a space-saving solution.
You can keep the body warm, without presenting any cluttered space. The modern fireplace size is different with the traditional Fireplace. The traditional and classic fireplace size usually comes just big and bulky. You have to sacrifice space in the living room. There tends to be a minor effect on the home.

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To look this Beautiful Fireplace design picture in full size, just right click on the pictures above and then select download. You can download Beautiful fireplace Design Free only at  Best Decorating Ideas . I hope Best decorating Ideas can provide ideas to make your house more elegant and modern as you wish during this, or if you Need related information or images from Beautiful for Fireplace Design, can be found in the image, at the Gallery at the bottom of this article .thank you for support, and also your visit, please send an email via the contact us page if you have questions.
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  • Wall of plants, advice and benefits

Green decoration aesthetic and ecological
Inside or outside the house, the green wall concept is a very fashionable and popular, especially in urban areas.
The craze for green walls becomes increasingly important, favored by environmental problems they present. Why choose a wall of the plant? First, because it provides a key to the green house, both outside and inside your home; Green wall it offers lush vegetation varies depending on the type of plants chosen colors. As for aesthetics, the beauty of the vines is undeniable.

In addition to its decorative, green wall have several strengths in ecological terms. The main thing is that you can purify the air. This is a great advantage, especially in large cities, where the air is very polluted. In addition to its cleansing action , the green wall which extends over a wide area can be naturally thermal insulation of buildings. Finally, this style of decorating the walls of protection against acid rain in cities. The plants are used then the water proof covers.
  • Green Wall: easy to maintain

For your indoor green wall, use artificial lights. For outdoor plants, natural light that allows them to thrive in optimal conditions. The green wall does not need a big special maintenance. Besides small general interviews, plants need to be resized twice a year to prevent invasions in other rooms or other areas of the house.

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Top 10 most beautiful baths in the world. Original or high tech for your future bathroom ideas ...

The most 10 beautiful bathrooms in the world

The bathtub has always been the place where you can relax and unwind. Today, technology has shown that taking a bath in a bath of multiple functions, for example, can be a wonderful experience, not just hot wash vocation.

Please draw your own conclusions, when looking at these beautiful, original bathtubs and high-tech or design.

1 - A woman's shoe shaped bathtub
He was bold, it's done :-) These forms of hot women heel shoes make a splash in your bathroom!
It’s really amazing bathroom idea! What do you think?

2 - Bath with high-tech screen
Yes, but relax with a good movie, why not! Or drawbacks news, watch the news and stock quotes in a bath of ... good relaxation is guaranteed in this bathtub against but you need something for everyone!

3 - A very original bathtub by Tetsuya Nakamura
Strangely, it is only reinforced plastic bathtub. Its shape is interesting and colorful teleports the alien world.

4 - Antonio Lupi tub Vascabarca
Your bathroom can become an "experiment"   if you decide to take a swim in this boat shaped bathtub. It will take your imagination what you can send. So, relax and try to feel the sea breeze. Bathtub.

5 - Modern bathtub by Kos - Italy bathroom design
This modern bathroom combines the idea of ​​a relaxing bath with a special atmosphere between the dark side and the light color in the bathtub.

6 - The Whale Jacuzzi
Strangely enough, this is a whale-shaped tub. This is a beautiful combination of the idea that the water and the underwater world. You can imagine that you're a big «whale " and stop dreaming that you explore the mysteries of rough seas.

7 - Great Stone bathtub
People generally like a spacious bath to relax. With this stone bathtub, you will be delighted. In contrast, it would be better to think before the room where you can put because of their weight and the place could be a slight obstacle ... unless you live in a cave or a cave house!

8 - Rustic stone bath
A very rustic countryside and at the same time can be mixed with a good contemporary interior decor "bathroom idea". This bath invites relaxation and wellness.

9. Hot Dutch
It is a spherical bathtub; stainless steel is not too heavy and can be portable. Therefore, you can combine your hot tub with a good atmosphere in the country! Nice camping

10 - Bath shower on deck type
Fairly standard, you see them everywhere in magazines, but it's always dream of being able to take a bath on the deck watching a beautiful landscape...
No matter which model you choose for your bathroom the most important of all is that you can relax and come out of all clean!
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Bathroom is known to give a boost in the morning and be a source of relaxation in the evening, the virtues of the bathroom long to be heard.
Various relaxation techniques are now available through this centerpiece.
Learn how to decorate bathroom and optimize yours to make the most profit.

First steep to plan your bathroom
Play in pressure:
Installing jets on both sides of the tub will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the fun that can bring a spa session at home. Ideal to forget the stresses of the day, it is also a great way to get to sleep and enjoy a sense of total relaxation. Adding a source of ventilation improve the relaxing aspect of time through bubble wrap. The solution hydro shower is open to amateur.
Carefully placed multi-jet you will receive a great back massage.

Second Steep to plan your bathroom
Play with wall colors
Choosing the right colors is essential to ensure their well-being, as they have the power to interact with your body and your mind. So, can modify and improve your mood and behavior. White is known for its quiet and purifying.
Emphasis will be on their actions, as the light of day, but lose their effect in the fall of night. It would be married in a color that is familiar to you and that will shine its best at night. The key is that your choice is a calming color.

The last idea, how to plan your  amazing bathroom.
Play of light and smells
Element in the implementation of a relaxed, light is essential in any development. His ability to vary its effects will pay off in the search of relaxed fun. The most important is that you know enhance your relaxation in bathroom while eliminating the shadow of their bathing areas.

You can, for example, add decorative lighting accessories in the ceiling, fitted ... or use scented candles. Enjoy an aromatherapy treatment that will keep your senses. The fragrance augments serenity and fulfillment. Remember to use it wisely and well will be even more satisfied.

Finally i hope that these tips will be useful for you, and if you need more information about design or decorating idea for bathroom, you need just leave a comment i will be helpful for you.
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Do you have new bathroom in the program! and still have no idea of the colors? Find the warm how to create a good atmosphere in this room. I mean, I will help you to find your amazing bathroom Color.

Here are the top 5 best bathroom color to choose for your bathroom.and in the end of the article I shared some picture for the best bathroom colors.
I hope it’ll be useful for you.

The black
Against all odds, the black has earned a place in decorating bathroom. Very bold, this choice is justified by the simplicity that brings color to the room. In fact, the black lights while providing a mystery. In addition, black has always been synonymous with elegant and cozy touch. With very flashy accessories like red or high contrast as white, yet gives more life to the place. The black and white wedding gives a shiny appearance to the bathroom design.

The red
For high color room bathroom, or to register for the dynamism and passion, go for the red. A nice contrast to the soft white, red is a strong color that requires a new atmosphere. If you fear it is too big, choose a tone that veers to the bricks or mildew.

The sweet and tender side of pink makes it one of the most associated with feminine colors. To add a touch of sensuality in a modern world, the decorating bathroom design in shades of pink. To complete the picture, why not put stickers with floral?

Vitamin tones
The brightly colored marriage is now a suitable design for the decorating bathroom. By adding these toners tones in this relaxing space, bathroom color is a relaxing time in a good mood. Create a warm monochrome also awaken their welfare.

Natural color, green can be in harmony with the other decorating bathroom accessories. Opt for wooden furniture including its inner nature. Bathroom color is good to design a cool and quiet space conducive to start or end a beautiful day. In fact, green has always been a calming color. Beside Brown evokes a peaceful atmosphere. Then go for carpets and towels brown or white or beige.

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No benefits include enough organic or ecological material. It is in this context that every day, new products and household items and decor are in development, exploitation of natural materials as potential outcome.

Organic coatings for walls and floors
  • Organic Wood Coatings
Suitable for walls, floor or ceiling, wood is an element of choice in the construction and decoration of organic. Flats and coatings, wood coatings are available in different shapes and rganic colors, and are made of different materials. The most common is bamboo, recommended for all coatings. 
However, it is advisable to opt for a forest that covers the soil in certain parts, like the bathroom or kitchen. With many advantages in terms of cost and choice, we strongly recommend using cork tiles (mainly from the wall).
  • Organic Paints
Coatings based on organic natural materials. organic paints have volatile components that could affect in health of the inhabitants of your house. Made entirely of natural pigments, which ingeniously replace sticky products of various industrial solvents and vegetable oils and natural extracts. 
Moreover, it is also possible to replace this type of paint lime organic paints. Also have advantages, especially in terms of aesthetics. Paints containing lime has a range of organic colors and shades can broader satisfied the most demanding!
  • Organic Vegetable fibers and linoleum
Alternative for floors and walls, linoleum is a organic material that includes only organic natural ingredients with antibacterial and ant allergic. 
Oil consists primarily of sawdust, burlap and linseed oil, linoleum is an ideal choice, especially in the variety of natural organic colors and shapes. Alternatively, you can also opt for carpets made from plant fibers. 
Very resistant plant fiber mats are intended for the walls and the floor. You can select according to raw materials: cotton, sisal, flax or coconut.

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By: Best decorating ideas

Materials usually come to our mind when we think of wood or furniture, wooden, but at least as common as these two. Living room with wood accessories can add warmth and naturalness. Decorative accessories not only in the mind sculptures, small objects should not. The room can be very functional, practical accessories and stylish wood are also able to use it as a decorative accessories.

Wooden boxes lamp illuminates your home, while allowing you to use wooden as decorative accessories, stylish products. The modern lounge with online products, rustic rooms flat takes the form of tree branches, interesting designs available. Hanging lights or outdoor lamps shade is made from wood can be found in lighting products.

Wooden as a decorative accessories that you use the same tree, the color of the living room, scattered ensure integrity by preventing the image. You can choose the wood color depending on the color of the furniture.
Wooden frames, wooden parts, often preferred by people who do not intend to use accessories. Natural wood, old wood or old wood products can add an air of another room. Plus you do not have to get in wood frames, just the image or photo. Very popular in recent years, the wooden frame mirrors decorative accessories.

Wooden Trays, coffee table, dining or console is available as an important accessory. Also, a small piece that creates a disaster in terms of furniture or decorative accessories can be useful to combine. Provides a view of both more compact candles, vases, and a variety of small objects can make a decorating ideas.

Wooden shelves and a place to put the cables room and decor, if you find a product, a corner of the living room lets you create impressive. Especially for small sedans are not the point of support or comfort, it is also very convenient. Dining table in the dining room or living room can be considered as a team, either long or short, an application can be made to be a combination of pills.

Wooden bowls can be many ways to use as an accessory. Heavily used materials such as glass or metal cold halls, hall, this type of accessory air softens, add naturalness. Deep into wooden bowls with sea shells, pine cones, fruits or flowers prepared to put arrangements. When you contrast the glass or metal decorating accessories, side by side, creating a pleasant picture emerges.

Wooden brackets and affordable candle chandelier to decorate your room as well as a small footprint, practical products themselves. Moreover, the market is so different. Types, however, your style, you can choose the right place. a modern looking around online, or trunks of a tree in the form of a classic lamp, have been forced to decide what is even possible to say color. Your dining table or coffee table or fireplace medium, you see city raising the right hotel. Besides glass vases of fresh flowers erect, with style changes.
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Living in the choice of color and size of the room, you must consider the amount of light in the room. Displays a large living room with light colors, but sometimes add bright colors give the room a warm atmosphere.

Beige, cream and pastel green, mainly because it is commonly used in the cake eaters was spacious and intimate at the same time incorporating air.

However, the colors used in the room, I cannot say that just because they do not suit your personality and the installation as soon as these colors are boring.

Living in answering the question of what color should be?

 The first signs of the room will be the size and the light said. So take a look enough light? Dark or small room? You may want to use light colors reflect light into the room. A small amount of light and dark colors, you can add accessories through.

The rooms are large, warm and dark colors on the walls can be used. Thus, the house seems clearer.

Examples of Living

Lots of light and dark end of this step now the colors; I suggest you examine samples of life. Decorating magazines and of course, the Internet is a good source for you in this regard. You can not see the color combinations that you like pictures. Try to take note of this point as follows: Wall color - the wall color of the wall  color of the furniture and accessories. Because of the samples that you like different colors, you better not stop when found.

Discover your favorite combination of colors

For example, a living room and a favorite photograph picture on the wall, the purple red accessories designs such as seats are gone. It would not be correct to say, standing-room purple and red. It takes time and energy would be suffocating intense colors. Instead of seats red or purple for the colors of the walls and accessories, furniture, home accessories and wall color what wall color should pay attention to them, and then you must make a decision about your colors.

Solid Color cute?

Do not neglect your favorite colors. Some of us do not feel comfortable in an environment of color, simple colors colors in a room, but quickly becomes bored and feels good about herself. However, some of the energy in the room was taken up and colorless think. Think about what this group. Do you mind if the colors are vibrant colors and patterns that you like to see?

Do not hit your style

Blue hair salon, and if you are one of the rooms, very well known, one of the gypsy pink walls paint a surprise to anyone. More sports and complacent fabric curtains are one of the bright golden eyes, is decreasing. Think about your style. What kind of products you receive while shopping for yourself? If you have a classic style and bright accessories may be dark in the lobby.

If you like modern and minimalist pastel tones and through the living room, for example by using an explosion of colors and patterned rugs can add warmth enough house key.

Simplicity is not so boring

One of the most complained simplicity, road shows in time for the ordinary and the cold begins to appear. This may indicate the color katılmadığına enough space. Puff of colorful wall paintings, color changes, like a curtain to revive room. A neutral color fits almost every color.

White, cream, beige, gray Brown,  and black are neutral colors. An accessory that rules over the colors and bright colors, we made the installation, you must first consider what color you like. Turquoise, green, burgundy, mustard, considers options such as color. Also the color of money and the gold color of the accessories available for those who want to see luxury.

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