In the last decade, the architecture took on a new dimension with the new graphic design and techniques of construction. This has led to a rapid growth in the real estate industry. Modern Green Houses have become a sensation in the 21st century.
Several factors are taken into account in the new design of modern houses. Let us understand more about them.

● Natural Light
Great importance is given to this aspect of the architecture with modern design. Large glass doors and windows in one piece, is an important element of luxury homes and natural light gain. This helps increase natural light and artificial energy reduces.

Most manufacturers of luxury homes prefer to use a combination of wood, glass and colored tiles to give an elegant look to your home. In greenhouse solar energy is used for lighting and heating needs in greenhouses.

● Ventilation
The open spaces are also used to improve the ventilation in homes. Large glass sliding heavy curtains help control the effective ventilation windows.
Luxury homes are a symbol of elegance and fun. Combining luxury with friendly practices environment is a creative way to build green homes that represent the beauty of nature in a unique way.

● Use of space
Spatial dynamics has become a key factor in the design of the houses. Modern architectural designs focus on creating a spacious interior of the house with a few pieces of luxury art forms. The efficient use of space gives a sense of openness at home. A great way to use the space to focus on decentralized bedroom with artwork and sculptures diagonal structures.
Space Utilization
 Color Themes
White, turquoise, ivory and other light colors are widely used color themes for luxury color homes. Light colors enhance interior lighting effect.
The interiors have been designed to create a calming effect in synergy with the colors used.

● Garden
Luxury Builders attach great importance to the use of extra space area for small gardens where homeowners can grow different types of vegetables and flowers & green wall. The inclusion of the garden enhances the appearance and value of the property.
The surroundings of the house are designed to provide a natural feel green wall.
Garden Trees, rocks and small flowering plants are used to improve the appearance of synergy garden paths. Granite tiles and stones are used to combine with the natural environment in the gardens.

● Modern Tile
Drive means often use rough tiles. Panel Lock and unique tiles are the most popular types of tiles used drive means.
Interlocking tiles combine to rectangular circular driveway and walkways garden designs.

● Solariums
Sunrooms have become a sensation in the luxury home industry. Constructed of glass and wood frames, these rooms are ideal for spending time in the mornings and evenings.
Designs rectangular, triangular, circular, and are commonly used for these rooms.

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Finally we hope the above information helped to increase knowledge and understanding of modern luxury homes.

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